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Did you know?

When you pay back your installments on the days they are due, your credit score may improve immediately. The better your credit score the easier it is to get loans - not just with us, but ever.

Breakdown of fees

Late interest charge per day: 0.1644%
Service Fee: R50 plus VAT @ 14% = R57
Initiation Fee: R45 for each loan issued.


Our monthly interest rate is 5%.

Financial implications

Late interest is accumulated on a daily basis for overdue loans. A R57 service fee will be charged for loans exceeding 30 days.

Collections for overdue loans

A) Customers are called & emailed about their overdue loan status and immediate action is taken against them.

B) After 30 days the customer will receive a final letter of demand and are given 10 days to settle the outstanding amount.

C) Customers are handed over to our bad debt department where they will then continue to reclaim the outstanding loans.

Potential impact to user's creditscore

Batch uploads are done on a daily basis on our loan system. These files are then submitted to our credit bureaus indicating the status of each applicant's loan. This information is then updated and reflects on the user’s credit report.

Renewal policies and fees

There are no renewal fees for customers who have previously loaned with us. There are no automatic loan renewals for existing customers, each applicant whether new or old undergoes the credit assessment process each time they apply.